Class Policies

Cornelius Arts Center Policies and Procedures

Thank you for choosing the Cain Center for the Arts as your home for arts learning and instruction! The
studio environment has been successful due in large part to the conscientiousness of its students and
instructors. We ask that you join us in respecting your new environment and those with whom you work,
by observing the following policies.

Refunds: If a student cannot participate in a program in which he or she has registered, a 90% refund
will be issued (less convenience and/or service fees) when a notice has been given (14) days in advance
If less than fourteen (14) days advance notice is given, a 75% refund will be issued.
Refunds will not be able to be given the day of the program, class, or camp.
Refunds and make-ups will not be given for student absences due to personal schedule conflicts. Cain
Center for the Arts reserves the right to provide alternative instructors in the case of an instructor

Class Cancellations: The Cain Center for the Arts reserves the right to cancel due to insufficient
enrollment. If a class is cancelled, students will be notified approximately 5 days before the start of class
and refunded in full. Once class has begun, the Art Center reserves the right to cancel dates due to
unavoidable circumstances, including inclement weather. A make-up week is provided for any
cancellations made by the Center. Refunds will not be issued if a student cannot attend the make-up

Class Attendance:
– Please be on time to class. Studios are available 15 minutes before class, so please feel free to
arrive early to set up. Being on time prevents disruptions and more importantly, exhibits a
respect for your instructor, your classmates, and their time.
– Students are to attend their registered class ONLY. No trading or swapping with other students
unless given written approval by the Program Director.

Severe Weather: Safety is the first priority when determining if we should stay open in extreme
weather. If a class is cancelled, a partial refund or credit will be given. Class cancellations will be posted
on our Facebook Page:

Cleaning Protocols: The condition of the studio upon your departure should be equal to or better than
the condition of the studio upon your arrival. Thoroughly wipe clean your area and equipment as well as
any other tools or areas utilized and return to their proper locations after use. Regarding ceramics
protocols, we ask you observe the following:
– Please keep/store your work and tools on your assigned shelf.
– Please clean your wheel and stool and turn off when not using and put your stool and pedal on
top of wheel at the end of class.
– Tools should first be rinsed in prewash buckets in the sink and then under fresh water.
– Rinse & squeeze excess water from all sponges/brushes/whisks and any containers used and
return to their proper spot.
– Please clean off wedging boards and tables immediately after using them.
– Wipe down the counters around any glaze buckets you may have used, as well as the glaze table
and floors.
– Discarded clay/sludge sludge in applicable labels containers ONLY. Do NOT put clay in the
garbage can as it makes the garbage too heavy to lift.
– If you have clay, bisqueware or glazeware to throw away, please take it out to the dumpster in
the back parking lot.

Building/Working Safety:
– Cain Center offices are off limits to all students. If you need assistance with anything, please ask
the Studio Coordinator or Program Director.
– Fire extinguishers are located throughout the building. They are located in the reception area,
Studio A, Studio C, and the Ceramics Studio.
– Any equipment problems should be immediately reported to the Studio Coordinator and the
Program Director by filling out an Equipment Repair Form.
– First Aid Kits are located in the CAC offices as well as each studio.
– Please wear protective equipment (goggles, rubber gloves, etc) when necessary.
– No open flames or torches are not permitted. Flammable material must be stored in OSHA
Certified containers.
– No smoking of any kind is allowed inside. Smoking is permitted 25 feet away from the front
doors of the building.
– Cain Center for the Arts forbids possession of firearms or concealed weapons to the property.
Anyone found violating this policy will be asked to leave the premises.
– In addition to illegal drugs, Cain Center for the Arts prohibits the consumption and distribution
of prescription medication that is not consumed under the advice of a physician. Alcohol may be
consumed for those 21 and over only for those classes where Cain Center for the Arts has
advertised or sponsored an event. The Cain Center for the Arts is not responsible for any drug or
alcohol-related damages or injury that takes place outside its facility.
– An individual who is registered by any state or federal agency as a sex offender and whose
name is published on any state or federal registered sex offender listing, is prohibited
from Cain Center for the Arts or its surrounding shared areas.
– Animals, with the exception of service animals, are prohibited from entering Cain Center for the
Arts. Emotional support animals are not permitted inside the center.
– No supplies, books, or equipment owned by the Cain Center for the Arts can be removed from
the building, unless borrowing a book from our public art library.

Personal Conduct:
– Cain Center for the Arts does not discriminate and prohibits harassment (verbal, physical, or
visual) on any unlawful basis, including, but not limited to, ace, race, religion, disability, sexual
orientation, etc. It is your responsibility to report any incident to the Program Coordinator or
Program Director. Such circumstances will be investigated, and reasonable actions will be taken
to resolve all incidents.
– For the benefit of the learning experience for all our students, we reserve the right to request
parental or qualified care provider supervision, or in extreme cases, the right to ask a disruptive
student to leave the classroom, in the event a student fails to meet a reasonable standard of
behavior, including respect for other students and teachers.

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