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Visiting an art gallery is a great opportunity to learn, find inspiration, build your community and entertain. Cain Center for the Arts is proud to announce the presentation of exhibitions during the 2023-2024 season for the public to enjoy in both of our facilities. Take note of the opening and closing dates and make plans to join us for the reception for each exhibit, where you will have the opportunity to meet the artists and enjoy an evening of artist talks with light refreshments provided. Find more about the locations on the contact page.

Shows offering a “Call to Artists”  will include information on how to submit your work for consideration. 

** Each artist will receive a 60% commission for pieces sold during an exhibit.**

Exhibition Proposals

If you are interested in exhibiting at Cain Center for the Arts: Please click ” Exhibition Proposals” below. 

Exhibition Proposals are reviewed as they come in and  are considered for the next programming year of the organization. 

Mud at the Mill

September 11 - November 11

Cornelius Arts Center

ABOUT THE SHOW: The gallery show showcases functional, sculptural, and experimental work that utilizes clay as the primary material. The show is open to all – from students to established artist- as we celebrate a variety of use and techniques.

Reception Date: Friday, September 15th; 6:30pm-8:30pm 

" The Art of Mechanics"
Featured Artist
Anna Grant Dean

September 11 - November 11

Cain Center for the Arts


Anna G. Dean is an interdisciplinary artist, working in sculpture, installation, video and mixed media. She began her career in Art Education, with a focus on Contemporary Art and Arts Integration.

Anna was recently a part of the Class of ’23 in ArtPop Street Gallery. Anna’s work demonstrates the creative process as well as the understanding of engineering. Her ability to install large scale sculpture truly demonstrates how creative the mind can be. 


RECEPTION: Join us for our opening reception on
Friday,  September 22; 6:30pm- 8:30pm


Hinds Feet Farm
" Justifying Our Lens"

November 20 - January 5

Cain Center for the Arts


Cain Center for the Arts has partnered with Hinds Feet Farm for a very special exhibit. “Justifying Our Lens” is an exhibit that gives a platform for adults who have had a severe accident which resulted in permanent brain injuries. To see the beauty in every level of expression is truly what art is about. The prompt of this exhibit and all the works included:
 “This is what I love…. and this is how I see it”.

Cain Center for the Arts and Hinds Feet Farm have partnered together with Tyler Starr of Davidson College on this exhibit to showcase work based on perspective and expression. Both organizations have joined together in organizing specific workshops with the participating artists to create this exhibit.

It is our hope that you join us to experience this unique exhibit.



Home Grown &
Home Grown Junior!

January 22 - March 29

Cornelius Arts Center


Home Grown is an annual mixed media exhibit celebrating our artistic community. Artists of all levels are invited to submit 2D and 3D work. This is a non-juried exhibit that allows our community of artists to explore their creativity. 

 For the first time ever, Cain Center for the Arts is adding an additional component – Home Grown Junior! This portion of the exhibit will allow artists from the ages of 10-16 the submit their work as well.

For both youth and adults alike, we encourage artists of every medium to submit. Submissions are on a first-come, first-served basis.

We hope to see your work included this year!
Submission forms will be available in December.


Spring Fundraiser

February 19 – March 29

Cain Center for the Arts


Cain Center for the Arts gears up to host our second Annual Spring Fundraiser Exhibit. Artists of different mediums and from all over North Carolina are invited to participate in this exhibit. 

Proceeds from art purchased during this exhibit will benefit our Community Impact Programs. 

Donations for this worthy cause will also be accepted and appreciated.

Please note the guest list of artists who participate in this exhibit is invite-only.
To inquire about being added to the list of participating artists, please email 

Ladies of Artfields

April 15 – June 7


Cain Center for the Arts and Arts Fields of South Carolina are visual art partners who work together to provide opportunity and resources to local and surrounding artists. 

Eva Crawford and Ellie Rose are two artists who submitted work into the Artfields Exhibit in 2022. Due to their riveting pieces, Cain Center for the Arts has awarded Crawford and Rose with an exhibit to display their creative works.


RECEPTION: Join us for our opening reception on
Friday, April 19; 6:30pm- 8:30pm 


ArtPop Street Gallery

June 17 –  August 9

ABOUT THE SHOW: Cain Center for the Arts and ArtPop Street Gallery are celebrating ArtPop Street Gallery’s 10th Anniversary! ArtPop Street Gallery’s Charlotte Class of 2023 will be the participating artists in this exhibit.





Presenting Sponsor

"I love all of the art exhibits because they each encompass at least one component of our core values and our performances provide something for everyone." -Susan Irvin, The Irvin Law Group

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