Figurative Human & Animal Sculpture

Thursday, January 12
Doors: 10am // Show: 10am

Figurative Human and Animal Sculpture: Ceramic Studio
January 12th– February 16th
Price: $175.00
Class Size: 8

Thursday, 10am-12:30pm

Instructor: Penny Overcash

We will learn to create sculpture with soft armature and explore different methods to build a sculpture including direct build and hollowing out, coiling, slab work and a combination of the three.We will utilize the basic Human ratio for sculpting the figure but taking a strong narrative turn to utilize animal “totems” and spirits that relate to everyone. Methods on using strong clay to make better bodies will be discussed and exploited in an easy addition to any clay body.

Pre- Requisites: intermediate and advanced hand building skills required. A good working knowledge of clay, composition, glazes, and slips will be necessary