Acting for Adults 101

Wednesday, January 11
Doors: 7:15pm // Show: 7:15pm

Acting for Adults 101
Wednesday, 7:15pm- 8:30pm
Class Size: 15

Price: $250.00

Instructor: Becky Timms Carlin

Whether you are a beginning actor or a veteran, this class is designed to help you to bring your acting skills to a new level and will teach you the skills and techniques of acting — the building blocks.  The course will consist of basic improvisation and theatre “games” and teach such skills as how to read a script and character analysis.  Students will work on scenes from famous plays as well as television and film scripts.  If you have always wanted to try an acting class but have been too intimidated, look no further. In a safe and inclusive artistic environment, Adult Acting is the place to explore your inner Actor!